LucidEsc: Lucid Dreaming Recall & Awareness Supplement | 2 Capsule Sample Offer

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1x SEALED Ziplock Bag with 2 Vegetarian Capsules

Ingredients: Huperzine A: 400mcg | Alpha GPC: 100mg | Choline Bitartrate: 825mg | Ginger Root Extract: 75mg

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LucidEsc’s ingredients were chosen by dreamers like yourself for being our top choice of lucid dreaming supplements that help the most in achieving a lucid dream.

  • Fast-Track Lucid Dreaming Supplement
  • Improves dream recall
  • Heightens dream consciousness
  • Taken 30 minutes before bed canincrease total REM by 20 –30%!
  • Increases vividness during REM sleep
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly

Supercharge your dreams; whether you want to…

  •          Fly at breakneck speed through space
  •          Embark on a great adventure with a dream guide
  •          Learn more about yourself
  •          Communicate with the deceased
  •          Have sexual encounters with whoever you want

LucidEsc can help you achieve it through lucid dreaming.