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All our products are 100% sourced from plants.

We have gathered hundreds of reviews on and Not only that but we conducted a small study with LucidEsc against a placebo earlier in 2019. 
People all over the world have tried, tested and recommend our products.

Here’s what people on Amazon have to say: 

“Does it work depends on how you use it. It does something to you if you take it as described, I.e wake up in the middle of the night and take 2. It does not work if you take it 2 days in a row, the body somehow suppresses it. You have to leave 2 or 3 days between doses. So if it doesn’t work the first time, wait a couple of days and try again. One thing is for sure I could not get to lucidity, I.e complete control. “
By C.R on 21 August 2016

“It definitely worked for me – wrote a review (if i remember) not too long ago. Literally the most vivid dreams i’ve ever had in my life.”
By Isaac P. on 20 August 2016

“For me the dream experience is intensified and made more vivid which is interesting. Also the sleep quality is improved and is deeper which makes it useful to me as a sleep aid. I usually take it together with melatonin but not too often as the effect wears off if you try every night. This does not however mean that you will automatically lucid dream as to achieve this needs some practice, effort and probably some luck. I have only managed it a few times (once without supplement) and each time the experience fades frustrating quickly. I must admit I havent put much effort in to the lucid dreaming exercises however lacking a bit the necessary self discipline.”
By Steve on 20 August 2016

Similar to how muscle building supplements can’t guarantee you’ll gain muscle; LucidEsc will help your feed your brain with choline which will improve the odds of you having a Lucid Dream, but we do not guarentee a Lucid Dream each time you take the supplement.
You may still have to do things like meditation, reality checks and writing in a dream journal in order to have a Lucid Dream.

They both have shown to help with digestion, in some cases users may experience light nausea with Huperzine A, so they have been chosen to counteract that.
Also Cardamom naturally comes with some great extra nutrients such as Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium which help with normal sleep function.

If you have doubts the best thing to do is speak to your GP or healthcare professional about how the ingredients may affect you. 
It’s also wise to do a bit of research on the ingredients and your specific medications and see if there’s any interactions.
If you are on any antidepressants it’s not recommended you take LucidEsc.

At ViviDream we make our products as pure as possible with as little extra filler ingredients necessary. Due to this it means that the supplements are more vulnerable to potential outside elements. 
For example: in LucidEsc the ingredient Alpha GPC is highly hydroscopic which means it can absorb moisture from the air, this actually doesn’t affect potency much but can reduce it’s use by date. It also changes the colour of the contents slightly darker.
We’ve made measures to combat this by adding a silica gel sachet in each bottle which helps absorb any moisture and keep the bottle dry.
Please keep your bottles in a cool, dark and dry place and ensure it is tightly sealed and there won’t be a problem

Galantamine is a prescription only product in the UK. And since we’re UK based this makes distribution quite tricky. 
We started ViviDream back in 2014 with a supplement called Vivitamine. 
It was a big hit and contained Galantamine and Choline Bitartrate but unfortunately after a year of selling we were notified to discontinue the product, so we created LucidEsc instead. 
Huperzine A works very similarly to Galantamine, it has a similar mechanism with Acetylcholine. 
A bit like Tea vs Coffee, Huperzine is slightly milder than Galantamine but users report a lower occurance of undesirable effects more frequently felt with Galantamine.