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Our flagship product, LucidEsc, helps you become more aware of your dreams.
Over the last 4 years we’ve helped thousands of people achieve one of the greatest dreaming phenomenon we know of today…
Lucid Dreaming; becoming aware within your dream that you are asleep and experiencing a dream!
It’s not only a liberating and fun experience, it acts as a gateway to finding the answers to our deepest questions.

Join us in exploring our sleeping and waking states and discover the amazing benefits our health supplements can provide.


Our main focus is to design supplements and provide a service we would love to use ourselves. Which means high quality, clearly stated ingredients without the extra rubbish you usually find in regular supplements, as close to it’s natural source as possible.
We only use one other ingredient for our supplements: Magnesium Stearate, a very safe anti-caking agent, which helps the ingredients mix and flow together better without clumping together.

From Reversing Time to Leading The UK Dreaming Industry 

The Story of ViviDream 

The Best Dream The Founder’s Ever Had

“It was my 21st birthday so I decided to treat myself to a high dose of Vivitamine (LucidEsc’s predecessor), a chamomile tea and a banana and took a nap. 

In my dream, I walked through the most colourful fields with my dream guide, a man who called himself Lenx and spoke with a melodic voice took me to a golden temple of delicious tea where we were offered teacups from the moving indian statues dispursed around the pool.

After hopping through different portals, we appeared inside a room where he played me what he called “God Music” which vibrated through me and was intense to say the least!

The music was so powerful that it started waking me up in such a way that I would see my bedroom one moment and the dream the next. 

As I was waking up he bid me farewell, asking me to come visit again and he jumped through another portal.

The God Music stopped and I snapped back into my room. 

I’m still yet to meet him again!”

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