LucidEsc Placebo Controlled Study 2019

Early 2019 we asked our customers to participate in a 2-month long self-reported study looking into the effects of LucidEsc vs a Placebo (brown rice flour).

We sent 2 pouches, one black (the placebo) and one white (actual LucidEsc) to each participant with a spreadsheet to fill and return at the end of the study period. 
Both pouches contained 10 pills each (all identical and opaque).
The participant was to choose a pouch to start with and use for a complete month (1 capsule every 3 days) before starting on the next pouch and recording their results on a daily basis (including the nights where LucidEsc wasn’t taken).

45 participants signed up, 5 completed the study, 1 participant who finished the study claimed no effects from the supplement.
We saw a significant increase in the # of Lucid Dreams: 79% more compared to placebo (which was on average 3-4 more lucid dreams per month!)
The total length of the lucid dreams over the whole month increased by 36%, and the average length of lucidity per lucid dream increased by 13%, so the participants were able to maintain lucidity longer.
Also the perceived sense of time / remembered dream period (lucid and non-lucid dream) increased by a significant amount for most participants.

From this small but extensive study we can see that LucidEsc has a positive influence on dream recall and awareness compared to placebo. 
This coupled with the 100+ user reports in the form of reviews via and show that the majority of people respond well to the desired effects of LucidEsc.