Craig Seaton – LucidEsc Dreaming Supplement Testimony

Craig Seaton - LucidEsc Dreaming Supplement Testimony

My Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Having never had a lucid dream in my entire life but always having a natural interest and good recall of my ‘normal’ dreams, when I heard about lucid dreaming at the age of 25 I was immediately intrigued.

With only 3 nights of practicing after discovering lucid dreaming, it happened.

I was amazed.

Getting to taste the success of having a lucid dream so soon gave me the acceptance that this is achievable for anyone, a skill anyone can learn as it had never ever happened to me before I began practicing.


From that point on, I dedicated myself to the art. But it was not all roses from there.

Craig Seaton – CS Life Holistics


There would be months where I would spend hours of practice, techniques, meditations, early morning wake ups, discipline and effort.

One lucid dream for the first month, Two the next month, Two the next, Three the next. With some increasing and decreasing months, eventually I made it to 8 per month with an average of 4 per month.

Since practicing for 4 years I have had over 200 lucid dreams and I’m still inspired to explore lucid dreaming further.


Dry Spells and the Search for Supplementation

Now there were dry spells combined with much frustration. I was doing the techniques, the meditations but why wasn’t I achieving lucidity?

It was in those times when I studied lucid dreaming supplements and their benefits. Now I am a person who likes to do things from his own ability, effort and discipline, stubbornly so at times. So, after the research and admitting I need a helping hand, I purchased LucidEsc.


The ethos of the company is in line with mine.

The creator and founder, Jacob, has a passion and enthusiasm for lucid dreaming as much as I do, and the product is vegan friendly with natural ingredients.

I decided to give it a go.


My Thoughts On LucidEsc

Due to my own resilience to using anything other than my mind, I used the capsules sparingly and in credit to their effectiveness, they worked an absolute treat!

For the times I was getting frustrated and wanting to give up, I would seize the opportunity to relax and utilise LucidEsc.

It would mentally always boost my motivation, give me fresh effort and reinvigorate me to do my practice.

I would also use it for planned occasions once to twice a month for a big night of lucid dreaming. This focused date in my diary would ensure I have a ‘double-the-effort’ effective night at least once a month.

At the very least the supplement always gave me enhanced dream recall along with much longer dreams.


 Through using LucidEsc I had a particularly long dream and saw how I travelled from one scene to the next.


I previously thought the dreams in the night weren’t connected as if one scene to the next were different dreams. But the dreams weren’t separate, they were one long one and usually I could just not remember the whole story of the dream.

Besides the heightened dream recall there was the big one, the one we all want, the lucidity.

I have longer dreams, clearer dreams, extended lucid dreams and I achieve lucidity much quicker with LucidEsc.

As a wonderful bonus after taking LucidEsc in the night, when I wake in the morning for my daily meditation my focus is already so much more enhanced.


Now the supplement itself is not a guarantee of lucidity, nothing is, but it is a major boost in the right direction!

If you already have a strong dream recall and practice varied methods for lucidity, this supplement becomes your best friend and greatly increases your chances of lucidity.

My own developed skill and the added power of using LucidEsc became a literal dream combination. 

In the beginning I had tried other supplements but none were as reliable for me than LucidEsc.

The service, speedy delivery, quality of the product and reliability have proven its worth time and time again.

CS Life Holistics

Craig Seaton – CS Life Holistics


Final Thoughts

  • If you are looking to begin lucid dreaming or want help in recalling your dreams then LucidEsc is for you.
  • If you are stuck in a dry plateau or losing motivation then LucidEsc can give you a much-needed boost.
  • If you want to improve your lucid dreaming time and lucidity breakthroughs then LucidEsc will help get you there.


I learnt that nothing will beat your own consistency, effort and enthusiasm, but accepting that I need a helping hand when it is required is always of benefit.

LucidEsc gives us more time to work or play in the lucid dreaming space and when we become more familiar in that space, we learn how to naturally spend more time there. It is a win-win.


Many thanks to LucidEsc for the help and beautiful, insightful dreams it has brought me. I continue to use this product for the style of usage that suits me best as well as to refer it to those who embark on the lucid dreaming path.