Vegan friendly

30 Capsules per bottle

Remember your dreams more often
Improve your odds of becoming LUCID*
(aware you’re dreaming whilst also aware you are asleep)
Tested and approved by long established teachers of lucid dreaming
Found to increase average duration of lucidity and increase total dream length*
Quality assured plant based ingredients

Carefully tested, modified and approved by lucid dreamers over the last decade.

LucidEsc is designed to help improve your chances of becoming lucid and having spectacular dreams!


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This is known as one of the most powerful lucid dreaming ingredients.

Essential Information

• Effects – Increases memory, enhances learning rate and increases attention span.
• How it works – Prevents acetylcholine breakdown and raises brain acetylcholine levels
• Dose range – 200-400mcg per day

Acetylcholine(ACh) is a crucially important neurotransmitter that is involved with memory formation/recall, concentration and rate of learning.

Clinical research involving Huperzine A confirms that it bolsters memory, enhances focus and improves general cognitive function, not to mention it increases dream recall and vividness during REM sleep.

Anecdotal reports suggest that the odds of achieving a lucid dream are vastly improved with Huperzine A.

Read more about the benefits of Huperzine A here

Alpha GPC is one the most efficient and high quality choline sources available, able to influence both systemic and brain concentrations of choline.

Acetyl-choline is the neurotransmitter created by choline intake and of incredible importance for short term memory and learning.
Alpha GPC has been found to help increase focus, alertness and reaction time in healthy college students. (S)

It is still estimated that around 90% of the population don`t get the recommended amount of choline in their diets alone!

Choline’s function is similar to B Vitamins and is well tolerated in high amounts.

It can be found in many food sources such as liver, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs and beans to name a few. You can safely take up to 3.5g of choline before experiencing any adverse effects.

We added Ginger Root and Cardamom to the formula which have excellent natural digestion and stomach settling properties for the small % of customers who raise concerns about nausea.

To further help reduce this it’s recommended to not take the capsules on a full stomach.

At ViviDream we put unbeatable quality as one of our highest priorities.

That includes bringing the ingredients in their most natural form together without any unnecessary extras. 

We add a small amount of Silicone Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate per capsule. 

This allows the powders to flow freely and prevents clumping during manufacturing. 

And that’s it!

No filler nonsense. 

9 Years

Founded in April 2014

12K+ Orders

Thousands of Satisfied Customers from over 40 Countries

600K+ Dreams

Dream Capsules Produced to Date
Each LucidEsc capsule helps you have a more memorable dream


*based on the results of a placebo controlled study we conducted in early 2019.

Results may vary from person to person, Lucidity not guaranteed.