What is Lucid Dreaming?


By Rebecca Turner


Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously direct and control your dreams. It transforms your inner dream world into a living alternate reality – where everything you see, hear, feel, taste and even smell is as authentic as real life.

Lucidity occurs during altered states of consciousness when you realize you are dreaming – and your brain switches into waking mode inside the dream.

In normal dreams, your self awareness is shut down.

That’s why they often feel fuzzy and distant. But when lucid, the conscious brain wakes up during sleep!

This is a safe and natural state. It is not a literal out of body experience – because you are always asleep in bed. And if you want to, you can wake yourself up.

When you become lucid, your senses become alive. You can explore the inner workings of your unconscious mind with total freedom.

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