What Do Lucid Dreams Feel Like?


A breakdown of the physical, mental and emotional experience of lucid dreaming.

By Rebecca Turner


The Physical Experience

Your physical experience is made up of sensory interpretations, like the feel of the ground underneath your feet, or the smell of the ocean. In waking life, this information is received via the five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. The stimulus is real and your brain interprets the data.

In dreams, this information is synthesized by the mind – from memory and imagination. And yet, when lucid, it can feel just as “real” and vivid as waking life. Sometimes that’s very intense and pleasurable (which is why many beginners go in search of lucid dream sex) or sometimes it can be dulled down (when you lose lucidity).

The Emotional Experience

The intensity of feelings in lucid dreams can be the same, or more intense, as feelings in real life. The main difference you’ll notice is that because you’re having such a jolly wonderful time, the emotions are more along the lines of awe, ecstasy, excitement, lust, gratitude, love and all that other fluffy stuff.

One of the more profound applications of lucid dreaming is to communicate with the dream itself by asking questions. Simply stop what you’re doing and address the dreamscape:

“How can I feel at total peace with myself?”

“How can I find true love?”

“What is the meaning of life?”

“Can you show me a totally original dream?”

Or if you’re really bold: “What is my greatest fear?”

Then let the dream reveal itself.

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