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Lucid Dreaming Memory Support

Want to have some kick-ass dreams?

Vivitamine supports memory cognition, increases awareness within dreams and compliments lucid dream techniques to significantly increase the chances of you having a lucid dream.

Becoming lucid within a dream means to realize you are dreaming and to become self-aware.

Unlock the power of your mind and explore your dreams with Vivitamine.


“Highly recommend this for some pretty wild early morning adventures”
– Gary Bird (Author of Gig Getter) (Amazon Review)



Found naturally in plant sources around the world, most notably the daffodil and the red spider lily, Galantamine significantly increases your awareness within your dreams!

  • Ach – Acetylcholine | Good “memory stuff”
  • AchE – Acetylcholinesterace | Destroys Ach
  • AchEI – aka Galantamine | Inhibits (prevents) AchE from doing it’s job and boosts Ach levels.


Galantamine stops the breakdown of Ach and there’s evidence that it also acts as a booster for your Ach levels!

With this increase you’ll likely go directly into REM (dreaming period of sleep) when you fall asleep.

Choline Bitartrate

It is still estimated that around 90% of the population don`t get the recommended amount of choline in their diets alone! Choline’s function is similar to B Vitamins and is well tolerated in high amounts.

It can be found in many food sources such as liver, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs and beans to name a few. You can safely take up to 3.5g of choline before experiencing any adverse effects.

Thomas Yuschak, a man who studied galantamine and it’s dreaming effects, recommends combining galantamine with choline and not taking it with other suppliments other than choline.

Choline supports galantamine to increase dream vividness and recall.

Choline is closely related to B vitamins and is considered an essential nutrient for brain function as it helps Ach levels to rise by allowing the brain to produce more.

Galantamine doesn’t increase production of Ach so adding choline jump starts the accumulation process by producting Ach at a faster than normal rate.

The specific form of choline we use in Vivitamine, Choline Bitartrate, has a very fast absorption rate compared to other forms, which works increadibly well with Galantamine.

Combining these two nutrients noticably increases the odds of becoming lucid and can intensify the transition from awake to dreaming than just using galantamine alone.

“A must buy for lucidity and astral projection!” – Scott (Amazon Review)


Galantamine is most effective for lucid dreaming when taken after 4 or 5 hours of sleep. If taken before bed it can interrupt deep rejuvinating sleeping patterns which will decrease your quality of sleep.

So when you wake up after around 4 ½ hours of sleep galantamine can act as a lucidity trigger because you’ll move straight from being awake to entering a dreamstate without losing consciousness!

You do not need any more that 8mg to notice the effects of Galantamine (this can be achieved by taking 2 pills of Vivitamine). Galantamine is rapidly absorbed by the body, so it’s in your best interest to try and get to sleep after consumption. 

It’s peak plasma level is just 60 minutes after ingestion and it takes around 48 hours to be completely flushed from your body. This is why Galantamine is most effective in lucid dreaming induction when used 2-3 days appart.   


Galantamine and Choline, is considered the most fundamental lucidity combination trigger. It improves the DURATION, VIVIDNESS and HEIGHTENED AWARENESS of dreams.

If lucid dreaming isn’t triggered with these pills there will be a high chance of you having very long, vivid and memorable dreams!


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