10 Mistakes Made by Beginner Lucid Dreamers


Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when lucid dreaming – and how to resolve them. From increasing lucidity, to dream sex, to reaching the inner self.

By Rebecca Turner


Mistake #1 – Failing to Commit

To be a great piano player, you have to play daily. To master Jiu Jitsu, you have to train hard. To be a skilled lucid dreamer, you have to make the effort – or give up now.

Mistake #2 – Trying Too Hard

You’re doing it all — yet you’re missing the point. You’re the guy who rushes through a 40-minute T’ai Chi routine in 5 minutes flat just to say he’s done it.

Mistake #3 – Sleep Deprivation

My longest, most wonderful lucid dreams take place during morning lie-ins, when dream-filled REM cycles abound. Early alarm calls can kill the sweetest lucid dream life.

Mistake #4 – Poor Dream Recall

If your dream world is fuzzy and forgettable, then even your best lucid dreams will be fuzzy and forgettable too. Good dream recall is the essential foundation of lucid dreaming.

Mistake #5 – Dream Stabilization

Most first-timers get so excited in their lucid dreams, they accidentally wake themselves up. This will keep happening until you learn the basics of dream stabilization.

Mistake #6 – Forgetting to Stay Lucid

Memory and cognition are impaired in the dream world, even while lucid, and you’ll need to repeatedly assert that you’re dreaming to stay lucid and in control.

Mistake #7 – Walk Before You Can Run

For most lucid dreamers, dream control tends to evolve rapidly – but don’t expect to be omnipotent from the word go. Respect your dream world. There are rules to learn.

Mistake #8 – Sex On The Brain

Newbies seeking lucid dream sex can end up on a wild goose chase. Between fickle dream figures and sensory overload, it can all become a waste of quality dream time.

Mistake #9 – Dreaming of Lucid Dreaming

Beginners get frustrated when they dream about lucid dreaming, but fail to become lucid. It may feel like a missed opportunity, but don’t despair – it happens to the best of us.

Mistake #10 – Ignoring The Dream Self

Lucid dreams aren’t just for dream control. Within the dream is a two-way communication system with your inner self – who will directly answer any given question.

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