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You'll spend on average 23 Years sleeping and 6 years dreaming.

Let's make the most of it.



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A Lucid Dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming. Anyone can learn to have them (and this is why you should)!

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We're excited to announce our new LucidEsc formula, now with Cardamom Extract!

Initially my interest in Cardamom for dreaming came when I first tried cardamom and put far too many pods in my curry.

That night both my girlfriend and I had very vivid dreams. With some experimentation I found it was due to the Cardamom. It has a high nutrient density, the ingredients Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium are the ones thought to contribute to dream enhancement.

Aswell as that, Cardamom is a known to help digestion which combined with the Ginger root extract will help with any nausea experienced by a few users.


With the release of our new Vegan LucidEsc we're offering DeepAsleep for FREE with every order of LucidEsc up until 31 May 2018.

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Let's Dream,
Founder of ViviDream
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Look what arrived today!

Updates on the new bottles shortly 😁
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