Easy Lucid Dreaming


Introducing essential and advanced techniques for lucid dreams.

By Rebecca Turner


Step #1 – Improve Your Dream Recall

You should improve your dream recall so that you remember at least one dream every night (and preferably more). The easy way to do this is to tell yourself regularly, “I will remember my dreams”, especially just before you go to sleep. This plants the intention in your unconscious.

Also keep a dream journal by the bedside so you can write down your dreams when you wake up. Discuss your dreams with friends whenever you can, to really hit home the message that dreams are important to you and must be remembered. Your unconscious will attend to it.


Step #2 – Perform Frequent Reality Checks

A very easy lucid dreaming exercise, reality checking is the secret weapon of those who tend towards Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDs). By performing reality checks regularly throughout your waking day, you will enhance your awareness of the waking state and be much more likely to recognize the dreamstate. Soon you will spontaneously perform a reality check in a dream, exposing the nature of the dream reality and giving you instant dream control.

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